Same old thing, right? No.

I read too much.  Ask anyone who knows me, or who stumbled on my Goodreads account or Facebook page, and they will surely tell you that I like to read.  This is an understatement.


I live for reading.  I can’t go without reading.  I would rather buy books than clothes, jewelry, or food.  We have overflowing bookcases in my house, invisible bookshelves on the wall, books in boxes in the closet that don’t fit anywhere else, and still I cannot stop buying them and reading them and loving them.  There is always a book close at hand, I don’t leave the house without one, and I am always ready to recommend one to friends who ask.  Also some who don’t.  


Generally, I read around 150-175 books in a year.  Yes, actually read them.  


So this is another review site, right?  This is yet another run-of-the-mill review generator who will gush to you about how amaaaaaazing this book was and how much I couldn’t put it down and how OMG you should totes go read it right now!!!2!  

Not quite.  I have criteria for the books that I recommend, things that I look for in books that make them enjoyable, and they’re things that I think people should know about before they pick up a book and start reading.  They’re not bits that every book NEEDS to have to be a good read, but they’re assessments that would help someone pick out a book that they’re in the mood for.  The list itself is coming up next, but I just wanted to introduce the site, the blog, and myself a little bit more before actually getting into the nitty gritty.


So hello.  My name is Katie.  I’m a 31 year old wife and mother, and I’m a bookoholic.  


9 thoughts on “Same old thing, right? No.

  1. karenleahansen

    Hello Katie! I don’t read quite as much as you ( about 75 books a year), but I totally agree about wanting to buy books more than anything else. My husband isn’t a reader and I’ve tried to drill it into him that really, all I want for Christmas is books off of my amazon list. Really! Nothing else! 🙂

    1. kdaly13 Post author

      75 is still quite a bit and nothing to scoff at! Especially considering that the Average American apparently read about 15 books last year in total! Most people finished with 6 books read. My Christmas list and Birthday list aren’t completely populated with books? But that’s only because after years of asking for them my family got tired of only buying me books and I was asked what ELSE I wanted.

      Are you on Goodreads? If not you should check it out! Their recommendations based on what you read and what you want to read are pretty good, and I have been introduced to more new series that way than any other, save by word of mouth.

      What sort of things do you read? Any favorite author or genre?

      1. karenleahansen

        I feel sorry for people that don’t understand the joy of a great book!

        People tend to buy me other stuff too. Which is really okay. They just don’t understand that a book will make me really happy and that I don’t need a more expensive present. I did try to mix it up a bit with my family Christmas list. I like cooking products too!

        Yes, I love Goodreads! I have been on the site since it was really new. Many years ago, the founder was at the LA Times Festival of Books pitching his new site and I joined. I do love the recommendations section and reading other people’s reviews. I also use it as my primary way to track the books that I’ve read.

        I tend to favor literary fiction, but I usually read several non-fiction books a year. I like History books and memoirs. Some of my favorite authors are Tom Perrota, Jhumpa Lahiri, Joyce Carol Oates, John Irving, Curtis Sittenfeld and Alexander McCall Smith. I also love David Sedaris for humor!

        What are your favorites?

      2. kdaly13 Post author

        I agree!

        I used to use LibraryThing, but Goodreads had the better format and ease of use, I think. Any sort of site is good though, as long as it lets you track your books and get recommendations.

        David Sedaris is supposed to be great, I just haven’t picked anything up by him yet. I’ll be adding him to my list of things to read though! I tend toward the Fantasy/Science Fiction, but I really will read anything as long as it looks interesting. From the YA Big Ones (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, etc) to Devil Wears Prada and Memoirs of a Geisha, Through the Looking Glass and The Portrait of Dorian Grey, The Hobbit and American Gods, Angela’s Ashes and everything in between. I’m not as much of an autobiography reader, though I would like that to change. My husband is the history buff in our family!

      3. karenleahansen

        Definitely give David Sedaris a chance. He’s hilarious! I’m not a big fantasy or Sci-Fi fan, but occasionally something will grab me. I did very much enjoy The Hunger Games trilogy (the movie adapt too) and I’m looking forward to reading Divergent.

        One of the best books that I’ve ever read is sort of Sci-fi/Lit Fiction- “The Unit” by Nini Holmqvist. It has a bit of a Twilight Zone feel to it. If you have not heard of it, it might be the sort of book that you would like. It really stayed with me.

      4. kdaly13 Post author

        I will certainly give him a chance!

        THG was a very faithful adaptation for the most part, and I can’t wait to get the chance to see Catching Fire soon. Divergent was also wonderful, and you should enjoy that as well.

        I’ll be checking that out! I’m usually not a huge fan of straight up ‘aliens and space fighters’ Sci-Fi? But Old Man’s War by John Scalzi was amazing and I recommend it to everyone. It has that personal touch that makes you identify with the main character. Very funny at times as well.

      5. karenleahansen

        Go see Catching Fire ASAP!!! It was so good!!! Yeah, I’m not big on alien stuff. I tend to like futuristic society stories that are just a bit different from our own- stuff that is still relatable and human. I will check out Old Man’s War. I’ve never hear of it.

    1. kdaly13 Post author

      Thanks! Honestly, I read so much because I read ridiculously fast, and tend to stay up past a reasonable bedtime <.< So it's trading books for sleep, but I figure as long as I'm alright with it, that's the important part, right? 🙂


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