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Behold, the nitty-gritty.

In general, these are the questions I’ll be answering as I do my reviews.

+Did it make me laugh? Not every book is a laugh a minute jaunt through the pages, but if a book is supposed to be funny, then it should at least make you snort.

+Did it make me cry? For the pain, for the beauty, for the heartwarming, for the incredibly sad.

+Did it take a while to pick up? Sometimes you have to wade through a bit for it to ‘get good’.

+Was I unable to stop reading? I’m one of those people where if a book pulls me in, I won’t put it down until I’m done. Not everything qualifies, but this is a good indicator of action and suspense.

+Did it confuse me? Sometimes authors either write about things that they know about that their reader doesn’t, or throws too much at the reader too fast.  If I sit there going back through the book trying to figure out if I missed something, that goes here.

+Was there sexytimes? If so, was it worth reading? I read the smut. If it’s there, it better be good, is all I’m saying. No purple prose, please.

+Did I roll my eyes? You know those moments. Where the puns are awful, the author tries to be serious about something corny, where the protagonist does something dumb.

+Was the author heavy handed? Sometimes they force feed you a romance or a plot point and you gag on it. It happens.

+Did I see the ending coming? I’m considered astute, and can usually sense how things are going to go. Sometimes in varying degrees. Sometimes I just plain don’t see it before I read it.

+Did it get boring? Things are great, things are awesome, so much happening… 4 chapters on how the woods look and the way the birds sound in the trees. Don’t care. Skim.

+Did anything squicky happen? The murder mysteries, the paranormal stuff, the badwrongbad romance things. If I shudder, I’ll let you know.

+Did I have an OTP? Was there enough chemistry between people that I said ‘oh those two should get together.’

+Was the ending fitting? Not was it the ending I wanted, but did it suit the book and the characters, in my humble opinion.

+Was I satisfied reading it? Did it leave my brain with that ‘aaahhh yes’ feeling, or did I keep trying to see if I was missing a chapter at the end.

+Interests it touches on: From the mythology, to the main character’s quirks, to the little bits that made it interesting and full. Celtic mythology and werewolves and button collecting and motorcycles and Welsh speaking and banana farming and whatever else might appeal to someone.  I’ll try and put it all here.

So this is what I’m looking to go on.  If there are any other things that people think I should add to reviews, let me know!  Always happy to oblige.  I will also be adding in book specific things as they apply, such as “Number of Deaths” or “Gods Americanized” or whathaveyou.

But seriously, things you want to see? Just toss me a comment!



Same old thing, right? No.

I read too much.  Ask anyone who knows me, or who stumbled on my Goodreads account or Facebook page, and they will surely tell you that I like to read.  This is an understatement.


I live for reading.  I can’t go without reading.  I would rather buy books than clothes, jewelry, or food.  We have overflowing bookcases in my house, invisible bookshelves on the wall, books in boxes in the closet that don’t fit anywhere else, and still I cannot stop buying them and reading them and loving them.  There is always a book close at hand, I don’t leave the house without one, and I am always ready to recommend one to friends who ask.  Also some who don’t.  


Generally, I read around 150-175 books in a year.  Yes, actually read them.  


So this is another review site, right?  This is yet another run-of-the-mill review generator who will gush to you about how amaaaaaazing this book was and how much I couldn’t put it down and how OMG you should totes go read it right now!!!2!  

Not quite.  I have criteria for the books that I recommend, things that I look for in books that make them enjoyable, and they’re things that I think people should know about before they pick up a book and start reading.  They’re not bits that every book NEEDS to have to be a good read, but they’re assessments that would help someone pick out a book that they’re in the mood for.  The list itself is coming up next, but I just wanted to introduce the site, the blog, and myself a little bit more before actually getting into the nitty gritty.


So hello.  My name is Katie.  I’m a 31 year old wife and mother, and I’m a bookoholic.